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V-Maxx MK3 Caddy Van Coilover Adjustable Damping Xxtreme Lowering Kit

V-Maxx MK3 Caddy Van Coilover Adjustable Damping Xxtreme Lowering Kit
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Brand:  V-Maxx

Please Note: You will need to measure your wheel bearing housing where the strut slots into it before placing an order, the diameter will either be 50 or 55mm. Please make sure you order the correct size.

MK3 Caddy (2K) Coilover Kit

The kit will give you maximum flexibility when setting up the perfect ride height for your van.

Adjustable for ride height front & rear

Adjustable for damping (front only)

Produced to the highest quality standards with a sporty well balanced spring-damping characteristics.

When ordering please select carefully from the list below for the correct kit for your vehicle, you will also need to know your strut diameter where it fits into the wheel bearing housing (upright), this will be either 50 or 55mm. If you are unsure of the kit required for your vehicle then please contact us with your Caddy's details.

70VW20/50 - 1.6/2.0/2.0SDi/1.9TDi exc DSG/4-Motion (Ø 50mm!!) 
70VW20/55 - 1.6/2.0/2.0SDi/1.9TDi exc DSG/4-Motion (Ø 55mm!!) 
70VW21/50 - 1.9TDi DSG/2.0TDi/DSG exc 4-Motion (Ø 50mm!!) 
70VW21/55 - 1.9TDi DSG/2.0TDi/DSG exc 4-Motion (Ø 55mm!!)
70VW22/50 - Maxi/Life 1.4/1.6/2.0/2.0SDi/1.9TDi exc DSG/4-Motion (Ø 50mm!!) 
70VW22/55 - Maxi/Life 1.4/1.6/2.0/2.0SDi/1.9TDi exc DSG/4-Motion (Ø 55mm!!) 
70VW23/50 - Maxi/Life 1.9TDi DSG/2.0TDi/DSG exc l4-Motion (Ø 50mm!!) 
70VW23/55 - Maxi/Life 1.9TDi DSG/2.0TDi/DSG exc 4-Motion (Ø 55mm!!) 


All kits will lower your Caddy:

Front - 50-90mm 

SWB Rear - 50-80mm

Maxi - 60-80mm


The kit includes all the following parts:
Front Coilovers
Adjusting Spanner
Rear Axle Relocation Brackets
Rear Leaf Spring Adjustable Shackles
Rear Dampers (Shock Absorbers)


PLEASE NOTE: The Caddy MK3 Xxtreme kit is adjustable for damping on the front coilovers only